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Looking for a group-class to save money?

While group classes may be cheaper per session, they are not cheaper for the results you get because they are broken down into smaller steps to make sure all dogs/owners can get the same results. With Underdog Training you pay for results and only pay when you're satisfied. For example, if your dog's only issue is pulling on a leash, we can typically guarantee results in a single session. In a group class that would typically be broken down into 2-3 sessions with real results only appearing on the 3rd session IF the techniques are the correct ones. Don't forget, like humans, dogs learn differently. So some techniques will work very well for some dogs, but not so well for others. Underdog Training builds a custom training plan best suited for you and your dog. Don't forget the first session is free, so you can see for yourself why everyone is choosing Underdog!

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$100 $80 - 1 Session
$400 $320 - 5 sessions (prepaid)
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