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The first session is free, results are guaranteed, and we offer the best prices among Santa Barbara's elite trainers. Once we have met you and your dog, we can determine what training plan would work best for you and what the costs would be. There are no strings attached when you sign up for a free session! Each dog learns different, and we teach accordingly. That is why we are confident you will see the difference between Underdog Training and others once you see how your dog responds to the training.
​​ Services
Train The Dog | 1 hr $50 | 2 hr $90 | 1 day $160 | 7 days $900
Train The Owner | 1 Session $100 | 5 Sessions $400
Board And Train | 1 Week $1000 | 2 Weeks $1600

We also offer socialization and heavy exercise for dogs that don't need training!

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Please watch these videos first , then a few others from our YouTube page , our Facebook page , and then read our reviews . If you think Underdog Training is the right choice for you, sign up for a free session to meet the trainer and see how your dog responds to our training. Remember all dogs learn differently and we train them accordingly!
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