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Learn For Free - Save Money
I provide videos to help you learn for free so you can save money. Topics include session preparation, information, how-to's and more. Remember a learning experience isn't complete without asking questions, confirmation that what you're doing is correct, and confidence so please don't hesitate to ask questions and don't get too far ahead until you have learned the details needed to prevent unwanted results. Never hesitate to call, text, send pictures and videos, or use facetime. See my YouTube channel for more videos (not all listed here).

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Intro Videos
I ask all clients to watch all of these before any other videos and the 1st session.

Session Preperation
Videos intended to help you prepare for sessions. I will tell you which ones to watch.
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Learn For Free
Only attempt if you fully understand. Feel free to visit my facebook page: Pit Bull Ambassador Awareness which is a training based Pit Bull Advocacy page that helps all dog owners, especially those of bully breeds, to keep their dogs behaving their best. More videos available on my YouTube page .

Anxiety Protocol Rant
feat. Avery
This video is just a rant with sped-up video footage in the background. Explains itself. This is what I do first for all anxiety cases.
Structured Play
feat. Avery (foster dog)
This video gives you brief instructions on how to teach your dog structured play using controlled bites. Controlled biting is not associated with aggression. It is a great way to exercise your dog, give them confidence, and teach them discipline. I also teach different levels of controlled fetch. The video is created for my Pit Bull Ambassadors Awareness page on FB so it is more of a "proof" video that shows their jaws don't mechanically lock. Features uncensored rap music (for theme) so not for impressionable children.
Dog Aggression
feat. Cooper/Wally
This video explains how a correction followed by alternative behavior can cure aggression. I definitely don't suggest you try this without the help of a professional trainer, but I DO suggest you take note of the fact that as trainer who understands dog behavior, my job is to read subtle details like body language, tension, posture, and the way the dog walks as you see in this video.

Wally's Before & After