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Underdog Training Presents
Frontrunner Puppy Training Class
"Make your pup a Frontrunner!"

So you're looking for a group training class for your puppy to learn while saving you money? What if we could offer you private training for just about the same price? Dogs learn differently and Underdog teaches them differently. That is what sets us apart from all the other local trainers. With private training you also don't have to worry about disease or distractions and you get a custom training plan tailored to fit the needs of you and your puppy! Even though our time is valuable, we are offering the 6-session class for only $250. Since the classes are private, each week you'll have the opportunity to address any issues from the previous week's class. Class can be scheduled to your preference if needed. The first session is a consultation and if you're not expected to pay anything. After that, each session is $50. Only pay if you're fully satisfied. 

6 sessions for $250 (puppies only)
1) Consultation + Basic Training
 2) Bite control + Treat Training Advanced

3) Walks + Crate Training
4) Potty Training + Sitting @Door
5) Recall + Socialization

6) Socialization + Anything that needs work​

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